Viral Beer Ramen

Explore the success of the Beer Ramen campaign for Yuu Japanese Tapas, a thought-provoking and controversial dish that paid homage to cold noodles. Discover how our marketing strategies generated a social reach of over 60 million people and acquired over 30 media features worth $100,000 in earned media.


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Yuu Japanese Tapas



Campaign Overview

Yuu Japanese Tapas, a client of ours, continues to work with us after the success of their initial $5 Ramen Challenge campaign. Building on that success, they wanted to develop a new, thought-provoking campaign that would generate controversy among audiences.

The result was the creation of the "Beer Ramen" dish, which paid homage to cold noodles, a classic Asian dish in many different cultures, while also creating controversy through its unique presentation.


We leveraged a mix of influencer marketing and PR to generate buzz and controversy on social media, and then used Instagram foodies and paid social ads to amplify the reach of the campaign.

To further increase the campaign's reach, we created a new Facebook Ads campaign targeting occupations related to the media industry, such as journalists, producers, and writers. This strategy resulted in numerous media outlets, including BuzzFeed, INSIDER, NowThis, NextShark, DailyMail, FoxNews, and National Japanese TV Networks, reaching out to feature the Beer Ramen on their platforms.

The Beer Ramen campaign generated a social reach of over 60 million people and acquired over 30 media features, worth approximately $100,000 in earned media.

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