Off-Diet Snack Pack

Discover how our expert marketing strategies helped After's Ice Cream create a viral buzz around their limited launch of the Off-Diet Snack Pack. With a focus on maximizing brand awareness and a limited budget, we generated 3.5 million views, reached 4.4 million people, and received 140,000 engagement actions.


Strategy, Concept, Paid Advertising


Afters Ice Cream




The goal of this campaign was to create a viral buzz around After's Ice Cream's limited launch of the "Off-Diet" Snack Pack, with a focus on maximizing brand awareness.

To achieve this, we employed an omni-channel approach, leveraging our highly engaged email list of foodies for initial engagement upon launch, and incorporating a paid advertising strategy utilizing a combination of warm and cold audiences with a limited ad budget.

For cold audiences, we created audience profiles based on individuals who would be interested in this type of product, such as foodies, fast-food lovers, festival-goers, millennials, and streetwear fans. For warm audiences, we targeted After's Ice Cream's own followers and created lookalike audiences based on individuals who had already engaged in viral events and promotions in the past.


The campaign was a resounding success, with the "Off-Diet" video feature generating 3.5 million views, reaching 4.4 million people, and receiving 140,000 engagement actions (likes, shares, comments). It was the biggest Facebook launch for the "Off-Diet" Snack Pack campaign, helping the brand achieve viral numbers for this promotion.

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